e-MetroHerald is an online version of Metro Herald that is ideal for those readers who may have not had the chance to pick up their copy of Metro Herald that day or who miss out on picking up copy because they do not pass a distribution point across Greater Dublin.

Each morning over 50,000 subscribers to e-MetroHerald are sent an email inviting them to view the day’s edition of Metro Herald. Readers are able to select their viewing preferences and share, at the click of a button, the day’s e-MetroHerald with friends and colleagues.

Here are a selection of topline stats:

  • 83% rated e-MetroHerald as Excellent / Good
  • 79% said receiving e-MetroHerald would not discourage them picking up Metro Herald
  • 20% of our readers regularly read the paper online

Topline traffic stats (Jan 5th to Jan 21st  2011):

  • 54,000 Visits
  • 24,500 Unique Visitors
  • 216,500 Pageviews

We have bespoke advertising solutions available on e-MetroHerald that provide an added dimension to a campaign in-paper.

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